Ask Amy: After this foolish party, she texted me a one-word kiss-off

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Dear Amy: My husband and I believe that we have lost a friend of 30-plus years because of differing opinions about safety in this pandemic.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune) 

We had been invited to a surprise birthday party for “Barb” at a local restaurant, and before sending my RSVP, I checked with the venue to see how many people might be there, and whether it would be inside or outside. Answer: “Fifty people, inside.”

Nope, not me. We are both over 73 and I have multiple health issues. I need to know that there is an effective vaccine, or at least be assured that the medical community has learned much more about treating the illness successfully. We have not eaten inside a restaurant since mid-March.

I double-checked with Barb’s sister, who was organizing the surprise party, and I asked if there was any chance that they might switch to an outdoor venue. Barb has her own health issues, and I wondered if a crowded indoor party would be her preference.

A week after the party, I heard from another friend that Barb was not speaking to me anymore. Barb texted me one word: “Goodbye.”

I’m not sure what comes next. Any ideas?


Dear Befuddled: I sincerely hope that “Barb” didn’t send her cryptic text because she became ill with this disease that has taken so many lives.

As of this writing, a “spreader event” — a wedding in Maine — has infected 147 people with COVID. Three people have died. This wedding was held indoors, with 65 guests.

You made the right choice.

You should respond to Barb: “Your message is very cryptic. Why are you saying goodbye?”

Dear Amy: Because of salons being closed during the pandemic, I was able to see the true color of my hair for the first time in decades. I love my natural salt-and-pepper hair color and decided to grow out my hair. I’m very happy with my choice of not putting itchy chemicals on my

head and saving time and money at the salons.

I joined with (online) groups with women who are also going through this transformation. Ninety-eight percent of the women look better in their real hair color, versus their dyed hair.

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