Aracely Arámbula went crazy with sexy red lingerie

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Mexican actress and singer Aracely Arámbula is a beautiful and sexy woman. It is always spectacular because it leads a very healthy life. The ex from Sol de México eats balanced and has a strong exercise routine. So this woman has a heart attack. Now she has gone crazy with sexy red lingerie and … Luis Miguel reacted!

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At 45, Aracely raises the temperature of the social network Instagram with the erotic photos he publishes.

The ex-wife of the Sun of Mexico always comments in favor of women.

In fact, she joined the Instagram challenge where the woman is empowered by posting a black and white photograph.

A few months ago when he was promoting the novel he stars in, “La Doña 2” He published a photo that dazzled his followers.

Aracely wore a sexy red lingerie that shocked more than one. Since you could see a heart attack body. According to the portal… Even Luis Miguel reacted!

The photography sparked an endless stream of excellent comments from his followers.

“You look gorgeous”, “You are so beautiful and natural” and “In addition to being super talented” that was what her fans let her know in the publication.

The truth is that at 45 years old, Aracely Arámbula is a beautiful woman, with a perfect silhouette and a very clear personality because she is already clear about what she wants.

Perhaps the Sun of Mexico is sorry for having abandoned this sensual woman.

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