Alternative Premier League table with Arsenal and Tottenham in the top four

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Liverpool are currently at the top of the Premier League table, but this is not the case with a new, published alternative table.

The table published by BettingExpert is based on the results of the Boxing Day since the Premier League started in 1992, with Manchester United ahead of the reds.

Arsenal and Tottenham make up the rest of the top four, while Chelsea are fifth – ahead of Manchester City and West Ham, which are sixth and seventh respectively.

At the bottom of the table, Norwich sits at the bottom of the table, and the Wolves and Sheffield United join the last three.

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United, facing Newcastle tomorrow afternoon, scored an average of 2.52 points per game on Matchday two, Liverpool 2.13, Arsenal 2 and Tottenham 1.86.

Chelsea reached 1.80, West Ham secured 1.50 and Crystal Palace is in ninth place with an average of 1.22 points.

United also prevailed on average on goals scored on matchday two, giving fans 2.6 goals per game – the only Premier League team to score an average of over two goals per game. The reigning Premier League champion City scored 1.68 goals.

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Chelsea scored 1.64 goals in the games played on December 26, with Spurs scoring 2.0 goals, West Ham 1.94 and Palace 0.66.

Surprisingly, however, Palace leads the least-conceding table, as the Eagles conceded just 0.66 goals per game immediately after Christmas.

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