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President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the BOK Center, Saturday, June 20, 2020, in Tulsa, Okla. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Trump is accelerating his crusade against states’ efforts to expand absentee and mail-in voting, including inflating claims of fraud and spreading baseless theories about ballots being stolen
But Trump himself and over 20 members of his family, administration, campaign team, and other top officials in his orbit have voted or tried to vote by mail in recent years. 
Most recently, Insider reported that Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence voted absentee this spring in Indiana while registered at an address they haven’t lived at for almost four years.

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President Donald Trump is ramping up his crusade against states’ efforts to make voting by mail more accessible, but nearly two dozen members of Trump’s family, administration, and campaign officials in his orbit have voted or tried to vote with mail ballots in the past decade.

In June, Insider’s Tom LoBianco reported that Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence are still registered to vote at the Indiana Governor’s mansion, where they haven’t lived in nearly four years, and just recently voted absentee in Indiana’s presidential primary election this spring. (While unusual, a legal expert told Insider that the Pences continuing to vote in Indiana is not illegal or fraudulent).

Tom Bonier, a veteran Democratic strategist and political data analyst who frequently works with state-level voter files and databases of voter information, told Insider that he identified several officials who have cast mail-in ballots over the past decade, some of which he included in a lengthy April Twitter thread.

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As of now, seven states and the District of Columbia are set to send every voter a mail-in ballot for November’s election, and 35 more states will allow voters to request a mail-in ballot without an excuse, according to a Washington Post analysis. 

In recent months, Trump has falsely claimed that an expansion of absentee and mail-in voting will lead to fraud and corruption (in reality, rates of absentee ballot fraud are very low), that expanding mail-in voting hurts Republicans (it confers no partisan advantage to either side), and raised baseless conspiracy theories that children in California will go around stealing ballots out of mailboxes and forging them, that postal workers will steal ballots, and that foreign countries will mail counterfeit ballots to voters and election offices. 

Still, the sheer number of Trump advisors and campaign officials who have taken availed themselves of absentee and mail-in voting across several states over the past decade undercuts Trump’s own argument that mail-in ballots are fundamentally vulnerable to fraud and corruption, and has led critics to accuse Trump of hypocrisy.

Here are the Trump family members, administration and campaign officials, and other staffers in Trump’s orbit who have been reported to have recently voted absentee or mail: 

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