Aceh Secretary: Vaccination is the Government’s Effort to Prevent the Corona Outbreak

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SERAMBINEWS.COM, MEULABOH – Vaccination against Coronavirus Disease (Covid 19) is one of the government’s efforts to ward off the effects of corona virus infection.

Aceh Secretary Dr. Taqwallah, Sunday (10/10/2021) said that during his visit to West Aceh in the context of socializing vaccinations to leaders of dayah or Islamic boarding schools in Aceh at the Bappeda Hall in Meulaboh.

It is mentioned that the human body that has been vaccinated will be stronger than the body that has not been vaccinated if it has been exposed to the Covid 19 virus.

“This vaccine aims to increase immunity or body resistance against exposure to Covid 19, so that the risks caused by the virus can be minimized,” said Taqwallah, who was previously greeted directly by the Regent of West Aceh H Ramli MS during a visit to West Aceh.

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In this regard, he invited all dayah leaders to better understand the benefits and goals of vaccination for the body, so that later they can educate students and guardians of students about the importance of vaccines in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

“With good education, it is hoped that the vaccination target for school-age children and students can be achieved soon, so that face-to-face learning throughout Aceh Province can be carried out normally again,” he explained.

He also asked the leadership of the dayah to provide the right understanding regarding the covid-19 vaccine in a humanist and persuasive way so that there would be no more doubt within the students and their guardians to vaccinate themselves.

In addition, Taqwallah also reminded to be selective in receiving and disseminating information related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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According to him, currently a lot of provocative hoax news is spreading in the community, so it needs to be dismissed and watched out for together.

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