A time bomb on bookstore shelves reveals the secrets of Harry and Meghan

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The book, Finding Freedom, will be published in the first half of August and is expected to provide insight into the privacy of a couple who have been serving the media in recent years. The book will also get on the counters of Czech bookstores, where it will be possible to buy it for less than seven hundred crowns.

The British boulevard now speculates on what the readers will learn in the book. One of the main topics should be information about a secret engagement. This was to take place a quarter of a year before the official announcement on the way to Botswana. There, in August 2017, the couple celebrated the first anniversary of the relationship and also the 36th birthday of the former American actress.

At the time, Prince William, Harry’s brother, had strongly advised the duke “that he should get to know the girl properly first.” However, the younger of the brothers considered this to have been elevated by William.

The couple is one of the most watched people in the world.

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According to the authors of the book, journalist and royal family specialist Omid Scobie and producer and writer Carolyn Durnad, Prince Harry was also to burn the bridges with some good friends. All because of his current wife.

He loved her for a quarter of a year

However, the book delves into much greater detail. For example, did you know that the royal couple’s first date took place in London, lasted three hours, Harry drank beer, Meghan a martini, and they were both excited after the meeting? The duke announced his first “I love you” to Meghan three months after the first meeting, the book says.

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According to the book, the royal couple should also have felt at the queen’s siding. Photographs from the speech of Elizabeth II, who had photographs of the closest members of the royal family on her desk during her speech, should also indicate this. And guess whose photo was missing …

He and his son Archie now live in California.

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The Daily Mail also claims that the book focuses on the complex relationship between Harry, his brother William and their father Charles. According to Finding Freedom, the younger of the brothers felt in the shadow of his brother and father. Although Harry always respected the hierarchy of the royal family, it was difficult for him to pursue his own initiatives if his father or older brother already had a program scheduled for that time.

Flowers are few

The book will also look at the relationship between Meghan and Duchess Kate. As is well known, the two women have never been close to each other and can certainly not be considered good friends. Meghan blamed Kate for never visiting her or looking for her company. But they both try to be polite, Kate even had to send flowers to …read more

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