5 houseplant trends, from pops of color to macrame

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Scindapsus is one of the types of plants with vines that plant parents are training to grow up poles. (Getty Images)

  • Among the latest houseplant trends are plants with vines that can trail. People are also looking for simple pots, some plant shop owners say. (Getty Images)

  • The N’Joy’ pothos houseplant with variegated leaves is a newer hybrid of the pathos variety that has become trendy. (Getty Images)

  • Macrame planters have become a hot trend in houseplant decor. (Getty Images)

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    2. Retro with a twist

    Carlisle said that plants that were popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s have reemerged.

    However, while many a grandparent might have had a pothos plant in their home, they probably never had the variety known as N’joy, which has cream and yellow variegation.

    “That’s one new hybrid that wasn’t necessarily around in the ‘60s and ‘70s but has been developed based off some of these tried and true varieties,” Carlisle said.

    Plants that reinvent the wheel with showy and bright foliage have become much more commonplace, he said, and some varieties that he mentioned include the Pink Princess philodendron that sports bursts of an almost bubblegum pink on its leaves and the Raven ZZ plant that would feel right at home in a goth’s house with its stark black foliage.

    3. Propagate, but make it art

    Annette Gutierrez, co-owner of the store Potted in Los Angeles, said that as people have picked up how easy it is to