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26 deals the Insider Picks team bought during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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As product reviewers, we spend so much time learning about deals, you may think we’d be sick of them. But, who doesn’t love a great discount?
We took advantage of some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we’re sharing our 26 favorite finds with you.
At the time of publication, many of these deals are still available, but we can’t guarantee they’ll still be around later on. For more deals you can still get tonight, check out our guide to the best Cyber Monday 2019 deals.
To potentially save even more on your Cyber Monday purchases, head over to Business Insider Coupons to find up-to-date promo codes on tons of stores.

As a team of product reviewers, it’s actually our job to learn all about cool brands, exciting new products, and great deals. So, when Black Friday and Cyber Monday come around, you can be sure we’re doing our due diligence to help our readers find the best prices.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve focused on these shopping holidays, combing through retailers’ sites and comparing prices for thousands of items to help you find the best deals. We’ve covered everything from deals at the big-box retailers like Amazon and Best Buy to deals at the smaller startups. We’ve shared great deals on everything from popular tech and electronics to handmade artisan goods.

We hope you found what you were looking for, and snagged some great deals, this Cyber Week. We surely did.

Whether you’re still looking to pick up deals, or just are curious, we thought it would be fun to show you what our team — a crew of product reviewers — bought this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our picks run the gamut from practical purchases to gifts for others and lots more in between.

If you’re interested in what our shopping carts looked like this past week, keep reading to see what deals we’ve taken advantage of so far. The Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5, $49.99 (originally $89.99), available at Amazon [You save $40]

I actually already own one of these, but picked one up as a Christmas gift for my mom — let’s hope she doesn’t read this article. (Love you, mom!) She mentioned seeing it recently on QVC, her favorite TV channel of all time by my measure, as a voice-controlled radio. That’s a wonderful feature and all, but why I really bought it for her is that it will be an easy way for her and my dad to see my son via video calls, as neither of them are iPhone owners and therefore don’t have access to FaceTime. Yes, we’re definitely living in the future when I bought my mom what’s essentially a video phone for just $50. — Joe Osborne, Insider Picks senior tech editor

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