Shaquille O’Neal Pranks Charles Barkley with Hollywood Legend

Charles_Barkley goes to court in fraud case

“Your friend tells me you’re into some real freaky b-%#tches,” says Al Pacino to Charles Barkley. Only it’s not really Hollywood legend Al Pacino on the line, it’s comedian and super-impersonator Craig Gass. Gass is on Shaq’s Big Podcast and Shaq just punched up Charles’s digits and handed over his phone. The Pacino voice is pretty good, but Gass goes crude quickly and Barkley is onto the gag. It’s interesting to hear the respectful gentleman that Barkley mostly keeps hidden comes out first, as he addresses who he thinks is the Scarface actor as “Mr. Pacino.”

Shaq’s Big Podcast did its 200th episode live and shenanigans abounded. Gass then switched voices quickly after Shaq said he was also with comedian Tracy Morgan. Gass/Morgan then hit Charles where it still smarts a little, saying “Charles I’m looking at Shaq’s ring, how big is your ring?” Barkley won Olympic Gold and an NBA MVP Award, but he never won a championship because Michael Jordan always seemed to be in the way. Shaq could have been showing Gass any one of his four NBA Championship rings. Charles takes it in stride. Barkley does a lot of dishing it out, so he’s got to be able to take it.

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Auguri a Charles Barkley che oggi compie 56 anni. Uno di quei giocatori che purtroppo è incappato nell’era Jordan. Stagione 1992/93, Sir Charles vince l’MVP della regular season e porta i suoi Suns in finale in cui gioca una serie da . 27.0 punti 13.0 rimbalzi 5.5 assist . Numeri da vero MVP se non fosse che dall’altra parte c’era MJ che chiuse a . 41.0 punti 8.5 rimbalzi 6.3 assist . Charles Barkley, che fino a quel momento era sicuro di essere il giocatore più forte del pianeta dovette ricredersi di fronte all’onnipotenza del 23. . Resta il fatto che rimane un hall of famer, nonché uno dei giocatori più forti di tutti i tempi. . #charlesbarkley #michaeljordan #phoenixsuns #nba #ilovethisgame #basketballneverstops #cinqueincampo #chicagobulls

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