5 times you shouldn’t eat at a restaurant, according to chefs


It’s not always a good idea to eat at a restaurant.
Holidays like Valentine’s Day can be overly expensive and crowded.
Restaurants with dirty bathrooms might not have the cleanest kitchens.

Dining out is one of life’s great pleasures. Restaurants are wonderful places to try new dishes and expand your gastronomical horizons, but there are certain times that you might want to avoid eating out.

INSIDER consulted with chefs and food experts to figure out when you should skip eating at a restaurant.

Don’t sit down to eat right before the dinner rush

Some days, going home and cooking a full meal after work can seem like an impossible task. Going out to eat can feel like a tempting option, but many restaurants can

Chef Kristina Miksyte of Doma Kitchen in Marina Del Rey, California told INSIDER that one of the top times to avoid a restaurant is during the dinner rush. This period is a little different for each restaurant depending on location and scale, but most places get crowded between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

During the dinner rush, servers and staff can become overwhelmed and the dining room itself can feel crowded. Instead, Miksyte recommended arriving between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. to take advantage of a calmer dining atmosphere.

“The staff has just arrived and are more relaxed and not as rushed as during the dinner rush. As the team has already prepped for dinner, they can make more accommodations and time out to chat with our diners to give them a great dining experience,” she said.

Avoid eating out on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous with a fancy dinner in a romantic restaurant, and plenty of families want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a nice meal out. However, opting to dine out on these holidays can be a major headache. Tables at trendy restaurants can be hard to come by and reservations can dry up months in advance. The restaurant often employs set menus to reduce the complications of catering to a full house, and prices can be inflated.

Firoz Thanawalla, chef and owner of Chef’s Satchel, told INSIDER that dining out on special days like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day can mean dealing with crowded restaurants and intense pressure to make the experience special.

“Such days are just nothing but madness in the kitchen, which needs to pump out plate after plate, sometimes without any attention to detail. It isn’t always the cook’s fault. The amount of pressure that it creates is not worth being on the other side as a guest,” said Thanawalla.

Clemente Heredia, owner and restaurateur of Calo Kitchen & Tequila in El Segundo, California, told INSIDER that Valentine’s Day can be an especially unpleasant time to eat out. Instead, she suggested picking a different day to celebrate the holiday.

“It’s one of those days of the year where expectations are so high, even for the guests. Kitchens and restaurants get swamped. One of the biggest …read more

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