19 New Midseason TV Shows Ranked by Premiere Viewers: From ‘Bless This Mess’ to ‘In the Dark’ (Photos)

When it comes to TV, winter is typically no fall — but a few of these series premieres could have made the cut for an earlier start, ratings-wise.

TheWrap has ranked all of broadcast’s midseason debuts (so far) by their “live” total-viewer tallies. A pair of new singing competitions were impressive, a kinda-sorta reboot set in the desert and airing on The CW was not.

Find them all below, in ascending order. Find our Fall TV version of these rankings here.

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Rank: 19
Show: “In the Dark”
Net: The CW
Total Viewers: 894,000

Rank: 18
Show: “Roswell, New Mexico”
Net: The CW
Total Viewers: 1.5 million

Rank: 17
Show: “Mental Samurai”
Net: Fox
Total Viewers: 2.3 million

Rank: 16
Show: “Abby’s”
Net: NBC
Total Viewers: 2.6 million

Rank: 15
Show: “Proven Innocent”
Net: Fox
Total Viewers: 3.1 million

Rank: 14
Show: “Million Dollar Mile”
Net: CBS
Total Viewers: 4.07 million

Rank: 13
Show: “Whiskey Cavalier”
Net: ABC
Total Viewers: 4.10 million * (*Time period premiere. Special post-Oscars sneak peek earned 4.2 million viewers)

Rank: 12
Show: “The Fix”
Net: ABC
Total Viewers: 4.4 million

Rank: 11
Show: “Bless This Mess”
Net: ABC
Total Viewers: 4.6 million

Rank: 10
Show: “Schooled”
Net: ABC
Total Viewers: 4.8 million

Rank: 9
Show: “The Village”
Net: NBC
Total Viewers: 4.9 million

Rank: 8
Show: “The Passage”
Net: Fox
Total Viewers: 5.2 million

Rank: 7
Show: “The Word’s Best”
Net: CBS
Total Viewers: 5.6 million* (*Time period premiere. Special post-Super Bowl LIII series debut earned 22.2 million viewers)

Rank: 6
Show: “The Enemy Within”
Net: NBC
Total Viewers: 5.8 million

Rank: 5
Show: “The Titan Games”
Net: NBC
Total Viewers: 6.5 million

Rank: 4
Show: “Fam”
Net: CBS
Total Viewers: 7.3 million

Rank: 3
Show: “The Code”
Net: CBS
Total Viewers: 8.2 million* (*Episode 2, its time period premiere, had 4.4 million viewers)

Rank: 2
Show: “The Masked Singer”
Net: Fox
Total Viewers: 9.4 million

Rank: 1
Show: “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”
Net: NBC
Total Viewers: 10 million

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Source:: The Wrap


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