Virtual Rehab: Token Sale for Novel Blockchain Healthcare Platform

Virtual Rehab

With a name as intriguing as Virtual Rehab, it is a normal reaction to ask what exactly it is and what does it do? Is it a simulation, a program, or a new video game?

Actually, Virtual Rehab is so much more than any of those options, because it is a company where innovative technology and altruism merge with the aim to help millions of people in vulnerable populations gain access to mental health care. By offering this kind of help, Virtual Rehab allows people to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Given all of the recent media attention about mental health issues, Virtual Rehab is an excellent idea, arriving onto the scene at the perfect time. Globally, 25% of the population is affected by mental and neurological disorders, and many of them do not have access to any kind of medical or professional help.

Virtual Rehab Will Provide an Innovative Service

Virtual Rehab fills this void by taking care of those most vulnerable and troubled. And because Virtual Rehab is well, Virtual, it can transverse the borders of time and space, reaching more people than any brick and mortar office can.

The power of data transmission is still being understood, and healthcare is one industry that has failed to leverage the modern information economy at any level. Many medical records are still on paper, and the digital systems to handle Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) are widely hated by both doctors and other industry professionals.

There have to be better ideas out there, and Virtual Rehab appears to be working on viable solutions to both handling medical data in more efficient ways, and widening the reach of medical care.

So how exactly does Virtual Rehab work? How can a digital company really treat ill people? By leveraging state of the art technology in a four-point solution that involves virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and VRH tokens.

These four technologies work together to help treat pain, substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation, and communication enhancement for autism.

Virtual Reality Although it is usually associated with gaming, Virtual Reality (VR) has increasingly become important in other areas, including health care. By creating a virtual simulation of the real world, certain behaviors and triggers can be exposed and addressed.
Artificial Intelligence No longer just a science fiction prediction or a fancy Hollywood movie, Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Virtual Rehab comprises a patented system to identify behavioral risks, to create treatment plans and to predict possible outcomes. In this way, the patients can receive remedies and recommendations tailored just for them.
Blockchain An essential element in cryptocurrency, blockchain is included to ensure privacy and security. With all of the news about data breaches and hacking, cybersecurity is a global priority in the modern digital world. Confidentiality of legal, business and medical records is a necessity, and blockchain provides that extra layer of protection. Virtual Rehab uses it not only to secure the privacy of their patients but also to decentralize the data and information.
VHR Tokens Here is where it gets even more interesting!

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