TRON goes up in terms of value; BTT is the Dark Knight

TRON is currently ranked at #12 on coinmarketcap. The price of the TRX token holds strong at $0.032969 after a rise of 8.07% was felt in the last 24 hours. Around 8 hours ago, TRON was trading in the red zone so this is a welcoming sign.

The climb may be due to change in venue for the dinner scheduled between Sun and Buffett. As San Francisco (the new chosen location) is one of the major centers of technology in the U.S., this could’ve led to investors and buyers putting their faith in the TRX token.

BitTorrent is ranked at #34 right now. In spite of Justin’s promise that BTT will soon be close to its parent company in terms of position, it has sunk through the ranks from #30. Now, OmiseGO has cross BitTorrent, after Decred. The market cap for BTT holds at $259.082 million after a 3.24% increase in terms of price was noted. The value of BTT is at $0.001221 and is expected to remain volatile for now.

This was an announcement of yesterday which might shed some light on this matter:

Tomorrow all TRX token holders receive another BTT airdrop. Our wallets #GuildWallet and #Guildchat do support the airdrop as well. #btt #bittorent #airdrop #tron #crypto

— BitGuild (@BitGuild) June 10, 2019

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