Russell Wilson: 3 bold predictions for the Seahawks QB vs. Buccaneers

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Usually, you think of a one-sided blowout when a team like the Seattle Seahawks face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Russell Wilson is such a talented quarterback that it’s easy to see why a lot of pundits see the Seahawks taking the W without any problems.

However, this match has more to offer than what meets the eye. The Bucs have as much of a chance of winning this game as much as they can lose it, and their previous games show just that. If Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks aren’t careful, they will find the rug pulled from underneath their feet.

This game will be a test for Wilson, but there are reasons to believe that he will pull it off against the Buccaneers. Here are some daring picks about what Wilson will do for the Seahawks in Week 9.

3. Wilson will throw an interception this game

It’s hard to imagine Wilson throwing an interception with the way he’s been playing lately. He’s careful whenever he commits to a pass and pushes through with it. He will be a difficult opponent against a Tampa Bay team that struggles to allow less than 285 passing yards a game.

However, a quick look at his previous games against the team will provide an interesting tidbit of information. He’s thrown four interceptions in the two times he played the Bucs. It’s not unreasonable to expect the same thing to happen here.

Given how the Tampa Bay defense has had his number, it’s not weird to expect an odd interception to happen this time, either.

2. Wilson will complete only one passing TD

Russell Wilson is undoubtedly one of the best QBs in today’s NFL. However, all quarterbacks have their off days. With the bye week quickly approaching for the Seahawks, Wilson’s focus may not be there for a bit.

It’s important to note that Wilson has had difficulty completing touchdowns against teams deemed weaker than them. There have only been two instances where he threw more than two TD passes this season, and those were against the LA Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Given his performances so far this season, it’s reasonable to see him finish with only one passing touchdown. The Buccaneers will be zeroing in on his passes and will make his life difficult.

1. The Seahawks will win thanks to Wilson

Wilson may struggle to get touchdowns against Tampa Bay, but he should still be able to finish strongly. He has strong playmakers on wide receiver and running back, and they should make life difficult for their opponents.

Moreover, the team is motivated to win more games. The team’s performance against the Atlanta Falcons left a lot to be desired, and they surely tackled those issues in practice.

Wilson is motivated to win, and he will get his team to the top whatever it takes.

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